Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Band of Brothers
Part Six Bastogne [2nd watch]
This is one of the episodes that most sticks in my memory (as I may've mentioned, I haven't watched the series for almost a decade, so that feels a little significant). It was, naturally, another very good instalment.

Film 2010 with Claudia Winkleman
Episode 2 (20/10/10 edition)
In many respects, Film 2010's 8-year-old blogger should've been the best person to talk about Back to the Future. But then it's more than two years old, so I guess he refuses to watch it. (Thank God he didn't, incidentally. I hope he's gone now...)
[Watch it (again) in HD on iPlayer.]

Just Good Friends
1x02 Hello Again

Law & Order: UK
3x07 Anonymous [season finale]
Another good, strong episode for the season finale. I think L&O has improved a bit this series.
[Watch it (again) on ITV Player.]

Mad Men
4x07 The Suitcase
Even by Mad Men's consistently high standards, this was an exceptionally excellent episode. Awards all round, please.
[Watch it (again) in HD on iPlayer.]


Radio Free Skaro
#221 2 Entertain or Not 2 Entertain
Doctor Who-related podcast, which this edition has a lengthy interview with Dan Hall, commissioning editor (i.e. Man In Charge Of) the classic series DVD releases. If you're interested, be sure to skip straight to the interview (starts at 20:06, to be precise) -- the opening twenty minutes are an irritatingly waffley discussion of Sarah Jane Adventures and other really boring waffle about Who news, which simply proves some podcasters still need to learn how to edit -- and also that they really should edit.
As for the interview itself, as a Who fan and DVD fan I found most of it rather reassuring. There's a lot of discussion about things that feel irrelevant or don't need going over (it opens with a massively overlong chat about the syncing up of the US & Australian release schedule with the UK one), but the stuff on future Revisitations sets, the possibility of more animated episodes, the release of Shada and the possible potential for Blu-ray is all interesting.


Christopher Nolan reveals title of third Batman film and that ‘it wont be the Riddler’ by Geoff Boucher
(from Hero Complex at the Los Angeles Times)
While the title isn't the most exciting proposition -- The Dark Knight Rises -- I'm glad they won't be using the Riddler. He's different to the Joker, of course, but I was concerned that he'd be too similar to the way The Dark Knight used the Joker to really work as a different-enough villain. Personally, Catwoman seems the most obvious choice to me, but we'll see.
In even better news, though, it won't be in 3D! Hurrah! Here's hoping it'll all be in IMAX -- I likely won't be able to see it on an IMAX screen, but the IMAX segments of The Dark Knight look so amazing on Blu-ray that I want to be able to see it there.