Tuesday, 26 January 2010


How I Met Your Mother
4x01 Do I Know You?
4x02 The Best Burger in New York
Making a belated start on season four. But because E4 have switched to showing it weekly (the first three series were daily), I'll be caught up -- and, probably, overtake -- in no time. Hurrah for the Internet.

Law & Order: UK
2x03 Community Service
Sadly this episode suffers from Most Famous Guest Star Syndrome; not to mention that it's yet another bleak-ended episode -- can we have one with some proper justice soon, please? Such realism is a tad depressing, and not appropriate on shiny happy light-weight ITV.
[Watch it (again) on ITV Player.]


Ernst Lubitsch in Berlin: From Schönhauser Allee to Hollywood (2006)
[#10 in 100 Films in a Year 2010]
And that brings to a close my run through the Masters of Cinema Lubitsch in Berlin box set, and with it 100 Films' first Silent Week. Apart from posting all the reviews, that is.

Kick-Ass Theatrical Trailer 2


Tesco sets up film studio to adapt hit novels by Vanessa Thorpe
(from The Observer at guardian.co.uk)
Well, now, this is unusual news. It also sounds like something of a new business model -- potentially, a very exciting and lucrative one. Let's just hope the adaptations are good and not sub-par-TV-movie direct-to-DVD standard (i.e. rubbish). Though with such big-name authors involved -- including ones who've already been adapted by the likes of the BBC and Proper Big Hollywood Studios -- you have to assume there's been some degree of quality control.