Thursday, 31 July 2008

The evils of British Gas

Anger over £1bn Centrica profits
(from BBC News)

"British Gas owner Centrica revealed £5m-per-day profits, after announcing a record price hike [...] On Wednesday, British Gas raised gas bills by 35% with immediate effect, to restore "reasonable profitability". Centrica said the rise was justified and was needed to offset higher costs."

It seems amazing that such a high-profile company would do something apparently so stupid, but I still bet most people who use British Gas won't bother to change supplier, and shareholders won't go selling their shares in a moral outrage. So, in fact, while we can all be shocked and angered at such blatant abuse of consumers, no one's going to do anything about it.

Days in New York...


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Brideshead Revisited (2008)
[#49 in 100 Films in a Year 2008]

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Teaser Trailer
It's certainly pretty-looking, and Potter himself is barely in the trailer! If the film retains that sort of balance -- focussing on the vital backstory of Tom Riddle / Dumbledore and cutting down the 'present day' plot -- it will be very interesting indeed. However it's treated, let's hope David Yates' excellent direction of the previous Potter outing can be paired with a better script (the last's was a bit like a two-hour montage) and produce a superior movie.


Release Date, Extras, Specs & More for Firefly: The Complete Series on Blu-ray Disc! by David Lambert
As nice as a new edition of Possibly The Greatest TV Show Ever is, I hope they don't bother releasing this on DVD. I'd feel compelled to buy it, but all that's new are two commentary tracks (which I rarely/never listen to) and a Cast Reunion featurette. They'll have to do more than that! Though I will of course get it on BD, if I ever make the upgrade.

Scoop on the DVD Release of 24: Exile - Special Creator's Cut by David Lambert
Includes a plot summary for the forthcoming (in November) 24 TV movie (something I hadn't seen before), as well as info on a speedy and thorough DVD release. I hope R2 gets similar treatment.