Friday, 29 May 2009


Boy Meets Girl
Part 4 (of 4)
A moderately satisfying conclusion.
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3x08 Episode 8
There comes a point in every episode of Primeval these days where, however hard you're trying to take it seriously, you just have to give in and either let the poor writing and ludicrous plotting wash over you or start laughing at its absurdity. I've always been quite critical of Primeval, but increasingly this batch of episodes is making me long for the good old days of the first series.
Meanwhile, this episode, Annoying Brother finally gets in some proper trouble, though disappointingly survives. On the bright side this is his final episode... though the Annoying Government Baddies are back to replace him. It's like a relay race of irritation.
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The Man in the Iron Mask (1998)
[#30 in 100 Films in a Year 2009]


David Tennant reprises role in RSC Hamlet for BBC Two
(from BBC Press Office)
Hurrah! It was an excellent production and this filmed version sounds different but equally promising.

Doctor Who unveils new companion for 11th Time Lord
(from BBC Press Office)
An interesting choice, and arguably quite brave to go with an unknown alongside a near-unknown Doctor, though I'm certain they have good reason.

Poem of the Week: Just In Case

by Charlotte Mitchell

A third and final (for now) venture into the poems offered by . This one rang very true for me. I'm sure sensible people don't do it, but I'm also sure you must know someone who does.

I'm going to the see for the weekend,
in a couple of days I'll be back,
so I'll just take my little brown suit and a blouse
and a beret and carry my mac.

But what if the house is a cold one,
the house where I'm going to stay,
no fires after April, no hot drinks at night
and the windows wide open all day?
I'd better take one -- no, two cardys
and my long tartan scarf for my head,
and my chaste new pyjamas in case they decide
to bring me my breakfast in bed.
And what about church on the Sunday?
I could wear my beret and suit,
but if it were sunny, it would be a chance
to wear my straw hat with the fruit.
I can't wear my little brown suit, though,
not with the straw with the fruit,
so I'll just take a silk dress to go with the straw
and a silk scarf to go with the suit.
I'll just take my jeans and that jumper
in case we go out in a car,
and my Guernsey in case we go out in a boat
and d'you know where my swimming things are?

D'you think I should take that black velvet
in case they've booked seats for a play?
And is it still usual to take your own towel
when you go somewhere to stay?
I had thought of just taking slippers,
but they do look disgustingly old,
I'd better take best shoes and sandals and boots
for the church and the heat and the cold.

I daren't go without my umbrella
in case I'm dressed up and it rains;
I'm bound to need socks and my wellies
for walking down long muddy lanes.

I'd rather not take my old dressing gown,
it is such a business to pack,
but 'spose they have breakfast before they get dressed
I'd have to take mine in my mac.

I'm going to the see for the weekend,
in a couple of days I'll be back,
so I'll just take my little brown suit and a blouse,
     two cardys, my long tartan scarf,
     my chaste new pyjamas,
     my straw hat with the fruit,
     my silk dress, my silk scarf,
     my jeans, that jumper,
     my Guernsey, my swimming things,
     my black velvet, my towel, my
     slippers (no one need see them)
     my sandals, my boots, my
     umbrella, my socks, my wellies,
     my dressing-gown, no, not
     my dressing-gown, OK, my
     dressing gown
and a beret and carry my mac.

This was first published in Mitchell's volume Just in Case: Poems in My Pocket in 1991, a collection connected to her radio series (also title Just in Case). She's also an actress who was involved in The Goon Show donchaknow.