Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Taking the Flak
1x04 The Past is a Different Colony
1x05 Unfriendly Fire
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Wildest Dreams
Part 4 (of 7)
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Inception Trailer
The new film from Christopher 'The Dark Knight' Nolan. Little/nothing is known about the plot, but it does look rather cool. On the other hand, it also looks a little bit Matrixy -- but hopefully not too much, because obviously that's a decade old now. Brilliant cast too, incidentally.


Loophole over DVD age rating law
(from BBC News)
"Retailers who sell violent video games and 18-rated DVDs to children cannot be prosecuted because of a legal blunder 25 years ago."

Robin Williams keen to play Susan Boyle in film biopic by Ben Child
(from guardian.co.uk)
"The comedy actor, who donned drag and assumed a Scottish accent in Mrs Doubtfire, has expressed a wish to play the Britain's Got Talent star in a biopic".
I've not bothered to watch any of the Susan Boyle footage (not any of it), but that I'd watch.

Smith's Hancock sequel finds writers by Simon Reynolds
(from Digital Spy)
Well well well, I didn't see that coming. Of course, I'd only heard the poor critical reception -- I didn't realise it had done so well at the box office. As ever, money beats quality.