Thursday, 7 May 2009


The Mentalist
1x07 Seeing Red
Why do Five insist on putting their ad breaks in such odd places? I know we have Special Rules about ad breaks, meaning we can't just put them in the correct places as per the US broadcast, but I'm sure they could edit them better than this.
[Watch it (again) on Demand Five.]

The Wire
2x03 Hot Shots
New advertising slogan for the police, inspired by Valcheck: "Doing the right thing, for all the wrong reasons." Could sum up many characters' motivations, actually.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)
[#23 in 100 Films in a Year 2009]
Widely slated (just 36% on the Tomatometer), but it's nothing like that bad -- which makes it, oddly, underrated.


The Nation's Favourite Comic Poems, edited by Griff Rhys Jones
Pages 127 - 165 [the end]


Quite a few articles today, including film news and reviews (well, one), Blu-ray news, and that rarest-of-rare things here, a games-related piece.

7 Recent News Stories That Deserve To Be Movies by Sam Ashurst
(from Total Film)
So many of these sound like very good prospects for films, actually, and some of the suggested titles and taglines are bang on.

The Duke Nukem Forever List by Eli Hodapp
So Duke Nukem Forever has finally been cancelled, after 12 years in development. This article describes the project's history but, if you scroll past that, there's a list of things that have occurred in this period and cultural events that have taken less time. It's definitely worth reading, and puts DNF's ludicrously long development into perspective.

Henry Selick to work with Neil Gaiman again by Chris Hicks
(from Total Film)
After the popularity of their collaboration on Coraline (which I intend to see, y'know, sometime), this will undoubtedly be welcome news for many. I just hope it's not on Neverwhere -- don't think that would be as effective in animation. (See further down for more on Coraline.)

Review of Coraline by James Christopher
(from Times Online)
I haven't seen Coraline, but based on every other review I've read, this is wildly out of step.

Rodriguez on Sin City Blu-ray by Cindy White
(from Blu-ray)
I'm hoping to go Blu soon, which is very exciting, but it's also faintly depressing how many unwatched DVDs I own that I really, really want to upgrade. Sin City is definitely high on the list after reading how much effort has gone into the Blu-ray release and what a difference HD makes to this film in particular.

Sin City 2 Moving Forward by Cindy White
(from Movies)
Still sounds a while off, but one to look forward to.

Wolverine Sequel, Deadpool Spin-Off Announced by Brian Tallerico
Well now, what a surprise. (Not really.)