Friday, 5 December 2008


Big Cat Week
2x05 (7/1/05 edition) [season finale]
I wonder if someone got a little annoyed with Jonathan Scott, considering how bossy he comes across during one bit of this...

The Dark Defender
Part One: Little Chino
Part Two: Roger Hicks
Part Three: Ken Olson [final episode]
"Stalker of the night, his blade of vengeance turns wrong into right." Animated-ish web spin-off thing from Dexter season two, which I've had knocking around since I finished watching that season... even though it looked rubbish. And, indeed, it's not very good, like an "oh, that would be a good idea" moment no one could be bothered to properly follow through. Quite why I suffered through all three episodes I don't know.

1x01 Sidetracked
See here for my thoughts on this episode.


Fall of the Rebel Angels: Poems 1996-2006 by Andy Brown
Part II (pages 60-63)

Wallander: Sidetracked

The BBC plays at ITV's game, adapting a series of detective novels into a TV series, with feature-length episodes, named after the lead character.

The difference here is, these are Swedish novels set in Sweden -- and filmed there too -- starring Distinguished Actor Kenneth Branagh. (Incidentally, the Swedes have already produced a film series (adapting the novels) and a TV series (with new stories) featuring the character. It's interesting to note how different he looks in each version; and you can see for yourself on screen when BBC Four screen some of the Swedish Wallander films next week.)

It's certainly 'grim up North' -- or, indeed, grim up Norse -- ho ho ho! Anyway, it's grim, and slow-paced in a measured, thoughtful kind of way. Big mistake in casting someone fairly well known in a tiny role though, especially when all the other small roles are filled by unknowns -- they may as well be wearing a T-shirt saying "I did it". That aside, it's quite good, though based on comments in one of the many issues of Radio Times out at the minute (whichever one covers Wallander's final ep), the unrelentingly downbeat style might get a tad wearing.

One other element I was uncertain of: the conclusion of the main plot. It seems like your usual "hero does the Right Thing" moment, but things are a bit more complicated than that in this instance, and the possible ramifications of what Wallander did aren't touched upon. A bit of a missed beat considering the more intelligent, considered and complex approach this particular crime drama seems to be taking when compared to the straightforward black-and-white ones ITV churns out.

Also, I have no idea what the title had to do with anything.

Poem of the Day: Together forever... until the 8th of December

by 'Daniella'

Today sees the last in a series of five poems about December here on Poem of the Day. It's also Funny Friday, of course, so I have searched out this amusing little piece for your delectation.

It can be surprisingly hard to find funny poems around the web, and even more so if you're after a very specific topic. This was the best I could do, though I don't mind too much as I personally find it quite amusing. The author is a 15-year-old South African who posted it on Poems & Quotes a month ago today (you can read the original posting, with its own comments, here). And that's about all the biographical information I have for you.

Together forever ~ we'll never part
Together forever ~ you have my heart
Noah and Allie in modern day
Through the test of time our love will stay
The perfect couple; meant to be
The perfect couple ~ you and me
"Together forever" is what I remember...
Together forever, till the 8th of December

In the author's words, "I wrote this because my friend kept saying how she knew that my boyfriend and I would last forever and that we're like Noah and Allie from The Notebook, but she already knew that we're gonna break up... so it's pretty ironic."

Next Monday is the 8th, you know. I don't know if they're breaking up then or if this was last year. You can always ask her if you like. Do let us know if you do.

And that's the last Funny Friday until January. Sorry. Why? All will become clear soon enough...