Thursday, 26 February 2009


2x01 I Lied, Too
A bit of a slow start, having to pick up threads left hanging from last season as well as trying to kick off new ones. But there are promising signs, so we'll see how things develop.

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross
16x05 (20/2/09 edition)
Poor Mickey, he so deserved the Oscar (says someone who hasn't actually seen either film).
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There Will Be Blood (2007)
[#7 in 100 Films in a Year 2009]


Samuel L. Jackson IS Nick Fury After All by Chris Hewitt
(from Empire)
The headline says it all. Additional info: it's a nine film deal! Madness!

And check out the latest set of Watchmen reviews here.

Articles: Watchmen reviews

And the negative reviews begin to pour in, from respectable sources this time. Check out this little lot...

from The Hollywood Reporter by Kirk Honeycutt
Clearly a non-fan perspective -- I don't think he'd 'get' the graphic novel either -- so perhaps best ignored by those of us who are. Not so the next, however...

from Movies UK by Orlando Parfitt
The internationally ubiquitous IGN is already offering differing perspectives: this fan-centred UK review hates it, while the Australian reviewer loved it. Fan reviews are coming out split thusly, it seems.

from Variety by Justin Chang
I've never liked Variety -- I hate their snobby use of a specialist vocabulary, which, however easy to understand with a little effort, is still awkward and (probably deliberately) elitist. Doesn't necessarily make their opinion worthless though.

For a more positive perspective, see the first round of reviews here, and keep an eye on the Tomatometer for the latest critical consensus. Seems like this is gonna be a divisive one though...