Thursday, 22 October 2009


Never Mind the Buzzcocks
23x04 (22/10/09 edition)
Jack Whitehall makes the first rubbish host of this guest-hosted series, and consequently this is the most lacklustre episode so far. Still, even below-par Buzzcocks is worth watching.
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Question Time
22/10/09 edition
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The Sarah Jane Adventures
3x03 The Mad Woman in the Attic Part One
Interesting framing device, though it's not very reassuring to know that mid-teen boys will still have that annoying helmet-like haircut (as sported by three in this episode) in 50 years' time. All round a good episode though, which at times I thought was going to be an SJA version of Torchwood's Greeks Bearing Gifts, if you know what I mean. Guess not. Anyway, much promise for tomorrow's second half.
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Saw III (2006)
[#61 in 100 Films in a Year 2009]


Gately's label complains to PCC
(from BBC News)
Boyzone's record label, Polydor, has filed an official complaint with the Press Complaints Commission over a Daily Mail column about Stephen Gately... More than 25,000 people have now contacted the PCC about the article. The PCC has already written to the Daily Mail for its response to the complaints received so far - the most ever made about a single newspaper article.

Marvel: 'Batman & Robin was important film' by Tim Parks
(from Digital Spy)
Hopefully you can see where the Marvel-man making this comment is going with such an apparently ludicrous assertion, but in case not:
[It] may be the most important comic book movie ever made. It was so bad that it demanded a new way of doing things. It created the opportunity to do X-Men and Spider-Man adaptations that respected the source material and adaptations that were not campy.