Monday, 7 December 2009


Doctor Who [new]
4x16a Dreamland
Full-episode-length animated special, starring David Tennant (of course). More thoughts on this coming soon.
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The Graham Norton Show
6x09 (30/11/09 edition)
Yes, last week's.
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1x01 Date
1x02 Teacher
This is brilliant! Despite all the dross, sometimes we can still produce wonderful sitcoms. Also, loving the return of "You Have Been Watching..." -- fits perfectly with the show's style. Lovely.
[Watch Date and Teacher again on iPlayer.]


Russell T Davies On The End of Time
More Wit And Wisdom Of Russell T Davies
Russell T Davies And The Line That Must Never Be Uttered
by Dave Golder (from SFX)

Three-part interview with nearly-gone Who supremo Russell T Davies, days one to three of SFX's Christmas Countdown, covering both the forthcoming 10th Doctor finale and some of his thoughts on his whole tenure. Even though he's been interview countless times over the years, not least in the past few months, there are still some new things for fans to learn.

And Davies certainly knows how to cater for his audience -- his mass press/TV interviews are perfectly fine for a general audience, but for SF/F mag SFX Davies' is thoroughly geek-friendly, referencing specific classic Who stories right from question one.