Wednesday, 22 October 2008


3x04 I Am Become Death
This season's best episode, so far.

Heroes Unmasked
3x04 Playing God


Pobby and Dingan by Ben Rice
Chapters One - Sixteen [the end]

An interesting little novella (it's only 90 pages). I like the central idea -- a girl's two imaginary friends go missing, which makes her sick, so her brother, who never believed in them and found his sister's insistence in their existence irritating, must find them to make her better -- but it's written in that too-common "child-narrative" style, which I find quite irritating but seems to keep getting critical praise (see review quotes at the above link), awards (in this case, the 2001 Somerset Maugham Award), and turning up on degree course reading lists (another check).

You may well know what I mean by child-narrative: first-person from the perspective of a pre-teen kid, who speaks in 'authentic kid-like ways' by saying things like "James Blond" instead of "James Bond", or "should of" instead of "should've", or "remember I mentioned him/that earlier", and other such kid-isms; and who observes 'adult events' without understanding them, but describes them well enough that us clever readers can decode them and work out the truth; and so on.

Still, maybe I'll like the film adaptation (Opal Dream, which I'm currently trying to get hold of) better, as I did like the central idea -- remember I mentioned that earlier?


Atheist buses ready to roll across country after making £31,000 in a day by Martin Beckford
Two thoughts: "Yay atheism!" and "Stupid Christians."

John McCain 'endorsed by al-Qaeda supporters'
"Supporters of al-Qaeda have said they would prefer Republican candidate John McCain to win the US election because he is more likely to continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan." Best news ever?

The Original Quantum of Solace Cliffhanger Ending
'Quantum' Organization To Return In Future James Bond Films
(both by Devin Zydel, from
A pair of connected Bond stories here. In the first (which isn't as spoilery as it may seem), director Marc Forster reveals that he deleted a scene from the end of Quantum of Solace (after where it ends now) that would have ended the film on a definite cliffhanger and the "producers wouldn’t have had a choice but to make it a trilogy". (This scene will be on the DVD/Blu-ray.) The second article suggests this mightn't've been such a problem, however, as producer Barbara Broccoli confirms the long-held expectation/hope of fans that the secretive Quantum organisation will continue to be a presence in future franchise entries. Hurrah!

Sex and the City: The Movie R1 UCE in December by Dave Foster
(from DVD Times)
"another Ultimate Collector's Edition due before Christmas, and this time it's for a film that was only released on DVD last month." I don't really care either way about the film or the release, but the speed of the re-release is pretty shocking. Extras-packed re-releases are pretty much a given these days, a near-inevitable pitfall of DVD/Blu-ray collecting that are often unpredictable (some very successful films get re-churned-out (see Casino Royale), some relatively unsuccessful ones too (see I Am Legend), while others just don't (see Batman Begins)), but such a speedy re-issue is pretty cruel.

Review of Postal DVD by Eamonn McCusker
(from DVD Times)
In just a few short years (he only really came to prominence in 2005 after game adaptations Alone in the Dark and, previously, House of the Dead) German director Uwe Boll has become pretty widely reviled; genuinely loathed, in some circles. Over-loathed, some might say. And it really is very quickly, when you look at his filmography -- pretty much between a couple of movies, after only making two or three, he was suddenly The Worst Person Ever. Anyway, I've never seen one of his films, but Postal sounds great.


Rumours from
Compare the rumour titled Series 4 & SJA Releases "Confirmed" (dated 21st October 2008) with the one a bit further down, SJA Figures "Return" (dated 14th October 2008), and ponder which seems more likely. The fact that the 21/10 rumour also includes figures that I'd bet cold hard cash they'll never ever make (the complete cast of Midnight? The 'German Woman' who had all of five lines in Journey's End?) makes it seem all the more ludicrous.
On the other hand, the Classic Gift Set rumour (22nd October 2008) sounds very likely -- it overcomes the problem of whether they should be painted black & white or colour (the latter sounds obvious, but it wouldn't be story-accurate now would it) and potentially solves the problem that Doctors 1 and 2 aren't expected to sell well.