Monday, 31 January 2011


Just Good Friends
2x05 Farewell Holiday

The Tudors
4x01 Moment of Nostalgia
It's been almost a year and a half since the BBC aired the previous series of The Tudors; so long, in fact, that this final season has already developed episode titles, which usually only show up months after broadcast on iTunes/DVDs for whatever reason.


Part 2 The Prequel [final episode]
[Listen (again) on iPlayer.]

Life at 24 Frames a Second
Part 7 The Look of Love
[Listen (again) on iPlayer.]


Game of Thrones: Five reasons HBO series may be a royal success by Amy Ratcliffe
(from Hero Complex at Los Angeles Times)
This does look rather good. I believe it's due to be on Sky 'A Bunch Of Programmes We Nicked From Other Channels', so I guess I'll download it when it begins Stateside.

Goldfinger - Shirley Bassey (vocals) Composed by John Barry for Goldfinger (1964) by Michael Caine
(from Old Hollywood)
That's what they've called it, but the actual contents are an excerpt from Michael Caine's autobiography, What's It All About?, detailing how he was staying with composer John Barry (who, in case you missed the news, died yesterday) when he finished the theme for Goldfinger. It's an excellent anecdote. Somehow, I don't think the stars of today will have such stories to tell in 40 years' time.