Monday, 5 July 2010


Part 1 Carrie's Story
I've had this miniseries sat waiting to be watched for almost nine months(!) It is, as you may guess from the title, about a murder; but each episode is told from the perspective on a different character -- in part one, it's the teenage daughter of the victim. It's a very good performance from young Bel Powley as the titular Carrie, and it's quite amazing just how much like The Past the mid-'90s now look, but the mystery is thus far only mildly intriguing. Perhaps things will click together in the next two episodes.

Mock the Week
9x03 (1/7/10 edition)
[Watch it (again) on iPlayer.]


1945-1998 (2003)
[#66a in 100 Films in a Year 2010]
I suppose this falls somewhere between the stools of "short film", "Art" and "Internet video", but, still, it's long enough and focused enough that I'm going to count it -- and, of course, review it. At some point.
You can watch it (for free) here.


Have you seen this movie?
(from Today at BBC News)
The British Film Institute has launched a search for 75 films which have disappeared from view.
Here's a gallery of some of the Most Wanted.

Inception is bleeding into the real world!
(from Live for Films)
That's a damn cool advert.

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UKATV Manga Interview
(from UK Anime Network)
An interview (obviously) "with Jerome Mazandarani at Manga Entertainment about the latest announcements from the May London Expo and how these announcements could shape the future of company."
It's a particularly interesting insight into how the UK DVD business works, with emphasis on the anime side of things (obviously), but I think the possibly-supririsngly-low sales numbers are a good indicator of just how little small companies actually sell, and why they have to be very careful about what they choose to release (I'm thinking mainly of the likes of Masters of Cinema and the BFI in this regard). It also indicates why some are beginning to move more towards Blu-ray -- some of Manga's biggest releases are selling 50/50 on DVD/Blu-ray, with their biggest recent title even managing 60% on Blu-ray.
(Note, while page one of the interview (linked above) is a video, there's a transcript over the next three pages. I prefer a transcript, me.)

Your favourite Who episodes revealed by Neil Wilkes
(from Digital Spy)
Series 1/5/31/fnarg Who eps, ranked and rated by Digital Spy readers. My initial thought was that many episodes were ranked too low, but then better ones kept turning up. That said, I'd move up Amy's Choice and The Eleventh Hour, and sacrifice both parts of the finale (a little) to make some room at the top. Also, the places look less bad if you do the sensible thing and combine the two-parters into single stories.
(That said, since the RTD re-launch each half of a two-parter has often had a slightly different tone or feel -- none more so than this year's finale, in fact. And that said, they're still more often than not blatantly two halves of a whole.)