Saturday, 12 September 2009


How I Met Your Mother
1x03 Sweet Taste of Liberty
1x04 Return of the Shirt

Proms 2009
Prom 76 Last Night of the Proms
Don't normally watch the last night of the Proms, but there's a wonderfulness about its pomp & circumstance. I only caught the last half hour and might not have mentioned it, but this year's conductor, David Robertson, an American, made a brilliant speech -- as well as conducting beautifully, of course.
The full programme for this Prom can be read online, for free, here.
[Watch it (again) on iPlayer.]

The Secret Millionaire
4x03 Jennifer Cheyne [season finale]


The Resistance by Muse

Muse's new album, out Monday over here, but thanks to's speediness I have it today (hurrah!)

I've avoided listening to any of this 'til I got the album, so despite early track releases, a single last week and televised live gigs featuring some of the tracks, I'd not heard any of it until now. Some of the hype was warranted: album opener and first single Uprising is a stompingly great number, perhaps the disc's best track, though it would have to be run a close second by the Queen-alike United States of Eurasia. Unnatural Selection and Undisclosed Desires also felt strong to me, especially after a couple of listens, as did a lot of the rest that felt likable but oddly lacklustre initially.

However, most hyped of all were the closing tracks, a three-part symphony entitled Exogenesis. So praised are these that some reviews have resorted to giving the album two scores -- one for the whole work, and a higher one just for Exogenesis. Maybe it's a grower, because I found it interesting but middling. A shame, because I often like the pomp of such grand exercises.

Still, I've already listened to the whole CD a couple of times through -- more than I do for most albums so quickly -- and I'm sure I will more, but it's not yet a Black Holes & Revelations-beater as far as I'm concerned.


Disney announces new Pirates film by Catriona Wightman
(from Digital Spy)
No surprises, but nice to be confirmed. The title -- Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides -- is disappointingly weak though. Thus far only the first one has had a decent subtitle -- ironic, considering they only added one late in the game so that sequels wouldn't just be numbered. Look for On Stranger Tides (the fourth film, in case you'd forgotten the two weaker sequels) in cinemas during Summer 2011.

I Will Not Read Your F***ing Script by Josh Olson
(from Runnin' Scared at The Village Voice)
This has caused quite a stir in certain circles -- not least for the rudeness inherent in the way it's presented (and the original article doesn't censor the swearing in the way I have so helpfully for this ever-family-friendly blog, so be warned) -- but if you stop to read it, Olson (writer of A History of Violence: The Movie) presents his argument very well and, actually, is generally quite right.