Thursday, 23 July 2009


As Seen on TV
1x01 Episode 1
It's funny that two TV-related quiz shows should start up so close together. While this isn't as funny as You Have Been Watching (see further down), it is more of a quiz, which increases the play-along-at-home factor. I also thought a lot of it was very easy... but maybe that just means I watch too much TV...
As a side note, it felt quite at home on a Friday, but from episode two has moved to Thursdays. Why? (I appreciate the extreme irony in saying this having watched it on a Thursday.)
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Dragons' Den
7x02 Episode 2
Another excellent, unusual finale for the second week in a row -- not to mention the poker player earlier in the episode -- suggests this is shaping up to be a very good series.
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The Mentalist
1x16 Bloodshot
A new episode was on tonight, but I'm still a few weeks behind playing catch-up. An episode with a lot of potential here, and some relatively important moments in the series' ongoing subplots, but some ideas (the blindness, taking hostages inside the CBI) still felt a little wasted.
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You Have Been Watching
1x03 (21/7/09 edition)
Brilliant brilliant brilliant. If you haven't already, watch it.
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