Saturday, 12 March 2011


The Killing [aka Forbrydelsen]
1x14 Day 14
How are there six episodes left?! Surely all is nearly solved? It's ever so tense, exciting and moreish. This is what 24 used to feel like back when it was good.
[Watch it (again) on iPlayer.]

Let's Dance for Comic Relief 2011
Episode 3 (of 4)
That largely felt like watching a parade of irritating also-rans. Why are some of these people allowed to befoul my television screen? At least watching on iPlayer allows one to fastforward crap 'music' like The Wanted.

Top Gear
16x07 Best of Top Gear
I say I watched this -- I ended up fastforwarding the whole thing as, unlike what the listing said, it wasn't so much "the best of 2010" as "the best of a few week's ago". Indeed, they'd actually taken the start & end of one episode and the middle of another and just glued them together. Lazy. And, when the whole series is still on iPlayer, pointless. There's another "best of" this week -- probably not worth bothering with either.
[Watch it (again), if you really want, in HD on iPlayer.]

Yes Minister
2x06 The Quality of Life


Let Me In (2010)
[#30 in 100 Films in a Year 2011]
Having now watched both, and with this one out on DVD & Blu-ray from Monday, I shall aim to have reviews of both up by Sunday midnight. We'll see...