Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Lost in Austen
Part 4 (of 4)
As fluffy as ever in its conclusion.

The Riches
2x04 Slums of Bayou Hills


James Bond Theme (Casino Royale Trailer Version) by Pfeifer Broz. Music [many listens]
The Pfeifer Broz's amazing version of the Bond theme joins the elite list (eight members) of songs I've listened to over 100 times. Of course, being just two minutes long helps -- I've (apparently) spent 3 hours 24 minutes listening to it, compared to 9 hours 30 mins for my #1 song, or 16 hours 43 minutes for the song just below it (that one's 10 minutes long, you see).

Articles: Quantum of Solace

A variety of articles relating to the forthcoming Bond film (only one month to go here in the UK!)

Daniel Craig: Back For Bond 23 And The Next Few After That by Devin Zydel
"Barbara Broccoli [producer]... confirmed that Craig would be back in Bond 23 and the ‘next few’ films... With news that the Quantum group represents a kind-of modern day SPECTRE... fans have been wondering which story lines in the Craig era would continue on from Quantum of Solace to Bond 23. Broccoli said: ‘This is a continuation, but I think the story kind of completes here. I think you know we had a lot of unanswered questions at the end of Casino Royale, and this story just kind of completes that cycle and will go on to other different stories from now on.’"
Doing a Bond sequel is a great idea -- the Connery ones had linking threads, but they were still totally standalone -- but it also makes sense to not drag it out too long. It would be quite nice if the Quantum group took a third film to finish off completely though, I think, even if it was in an otherwise unrelated story -- like the '60s ones.

David Arnold Gives Verdict On Another Way To Die by Devin Zydel
"James Bond composer David Arnold has weighed in on the newest title theme... ‘Even from the first draft, I loved the atmosphere of it more than anything. You know, it’s got a kind of dirty, ugly, but very kind of sexy feel to it. I think when you see the song at the point in the movie where it comes, everything kind of fits in and makes sense.’"

The Name's Bond... Period. by Devin Zydel
"Quantum of Solace to drop the famous introduction as well as 'shaken, not stirred' line." Read the full article for some interesting thoughts on the Bond formula.

New Quantum of Solace Poster Artwork Revealed by Devin Zydel
It's actually the soundtrack cover in this article, but it's since appeared elsewhere as a poster-shaped poster. Odd to have the girl the same size as Bond, but its simple, sparse style ties with the previous poster and those for Casino Royale.

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Quantum of Solace: Shortest Bond Film Ever by Matt Weston
Well, I didn't expect that! An economically-lengthed franchise film in this day & age? What's the world coming to? Intriguingly, virtually the same thing happened back in the mid-'90s, when Pierce Brosnan followed the two-hours-plus GoldenEye with Tomorrow Never Dies, easily the shortest Bond since Connery's films. Still, nothing like as brief as Quantum will be!