Thursday, 17 June 2010


3x08 I Look Like Frankenstein
Well, he came back out of nowhere. Presumably there'll be some greater role to play... just not yet...

3x10 Go Your Own Way
Great cliffhanger. This is definitely shaping up to be another fantastic season of Dexter -- only two episodes to go.


True Lies (1994)
[#62 in 100 Films in a Year 2010]


500,000 download new Who game by Christopher Dring
(from MCV)
“The result is a lot more than I was expecting,” Simon Nelson, controller of portfolio and multiplatform at BBC Vision told MCV.
“We had set ourselves some fairly stretched targets on this and we’ve blown them away... This has been part of the Who planning process rather than just a bolt on at the end, which too many interactive things have been. I’m hoping that we have demonstrated to the TV and the games side that there is a marriage worth pursuing here... I like to think we’ve broken ground for the TV industry, games industry, the public service sector and hopefully even the commercial sector”
...the BBC is not resting on its laurels and is focused on making sure the rest of The Adventure Games are a success before looking ahead to future projects.
It came out on Mac earlier this week, so I can finally play it. I forgot that until today, which shows what revelations about the kind of game it was did for my initially-high excitement levels.
I might play it later.

Serafinowicz: Five Reasons I Love Apple and Five Reasons I Hate Apple by Peter Serafinowicz
(from Gizmodo)
I agree. Also, presented with funny piccies.

The use of digital media comes at a price by Dan Roberts
(from Executive Style at The Sydney Morning Herald)
Interesting article on the mental and physical impact of spending too much time on computers, the Internet, social networking, etc. The solid evidence is hardly extensive at this point, but it's nonetheless compelling.

Toy Story meets The Wire