Sunday, 1 November 2009


Criminal Justice
2x03 Part 3
2x04 Part 4
2x05 Part 5 [season finale]

The Graham Norton Show
6x04 (26/10/09 edition)
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Paul Merton Looks at Alfred Hitchcock
Originally broadcast sometime last year, Merton co-writes, presents and directs this look at Hitchcock's early life and British films. It's a brilliant piece: analytical and informative, but also incredibly playful. Despite being known as the Master of Suspense, Hitch was incessantly humourous -- one of the reasons his films are so well regarded is this contrast -- and one imagines he would delight in the occasionally irreverent style Merton employs here. Most documentaries are watch-once contains for information, but the intelligence and entertainment Merton brings to this make it worth seeking out and, at some point, seeking out again.
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The Fry debacle by @brumplum
(from Plum's plums)
Remember yesterday's Stephen Fry story? Here's the (reasonable, I should point out) response from the guy who 'insulted' him. There certainly has been a media overreaction. (And you'll be pleased to know they've made up and Stephen's still on twitter).

Review of The Complete Fritz Lang Mabuse Boxset DVD by Clydefro Jones
(from DVD Times)
Comprehensive review of Masters of Cinema's excellent-looking new box set. Lengthy, but fascinating.