Sunday, 14 March 2010


3x01 Your Secrets Are Safe
Another promising start to a season of Damages -- hopefully this one will improve over the variable second. Distinctly odd recap at the start though; what with Dexter's four-minute epic at the start of its third season, it's beginning to feel like A Thing.

3x02 Finding Freebo


Seraphim Falls (2006)
[#30 in 100 Films in a Year 2010]

Waitress (2007)
[#31 in 100 Films in a Year 2010]

this week on 100 Films

3 new reviews were posted to 100 Films in a Year this week, though I've been up to something else too...

Anatomy of a Murder (1959)
It’s so thorough, accurate and real that it is (reportedly) still used as a working example in law education. The complete lack of flashbacks or definitive truth is a perfectly judged part of this: we only know what Biegler would; only hear what would come up in trial; can only be as certain as he and the jury are of the motives and testimonies of all involved.

Rock n Roll Nerd (2008)
What this tale creates is an unusual rockumentary. It’s obviously not a concert film, nor a tour film, nor a retrospective on someone’s career; instead, it’s the chronicle of someone’s relatively meteoric rise to fame, from two unique perspectives

Son of Rambow (2007)
Hilarious and touching in equal measure, you’d need a heart of stone to remain unmoved. A triumph.

Also this week, I've begun to include pictures in some reviews, to help break up the blocks of text and make the blog an easier/prettier site to read. The first new review to include images was Anatomy of a Murder (though I belatedly added some to Rock n Roll Nerd) and a few older posts have been updated to include them -- so far, these are my review of M and my summary of 2007's Best Picture nominees (plus posters on each review from the latter). I don't intend to give all archive reviews a similar treatment (at least, not any time soon), but this will be the new standard for future reviews and the occasional archive update.
More next Sunday.