Friday, 29 August 2008


God, the Devil and Bob
1x03 Date From Hell

The Tudors
2x05 His Majesty's Pleasure
After three opening episodes that continued the first season's model of going nowhere fast, these last two have seen The Tudors finally pick up the pace. Thank God! No, do -- He's what most of the plot's about right now.

Would I Lie To You?
2x08 (29/8/08 edition) [season finale]


Bond from the Beginning #10:
The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
[2nd watch]
See here for my thoughts on this film.


Australia Pushed Back To Thanksgiving by Chris Hewitt
(from Empire Online)
More amusing witterings: "Looks like Harry Potter And The Shift Into Next Summer has had a real impact on the November schedules in the States... Australia has just moved back by a whopping 12 days, to November 26. [It] remains to be seen how a film that could only become more Australian if Rolf Harris showed up will play on the weekend when America is celebrating its most patriotic holiday. Australia is still scheduled to open here on Boxing G’day."

Duchovny enters sex rehab clinic
(from BBC News)
Well that's... unusual...

Interview: Quantum of Solace Game Co-Design Director Adam Gascoine by Devin Zydel
"Daniel Craig was actually the most reluctant [to lend his voice and likeness to the game]. He’s a big gamer himself and didn’t want to be in a poorly made licensed game, so we sat him down and let him play an early build. He loved it and came back to us to say “Okay, I’ll do it.” Since then he’s been a very important part of making the game what it is."

Young Bond computer game aims to get boys reading by Alison Flood
If you haven't heard about The Shadow War online game, you may also want to check out links such as this and this; but I mention the Guardian article more for this little snippet: "Higson said there had also been "a lot of film interest" in the books. "It's just finding the time to get it right – it's very difficult to find a kid with the charisma to pull off the character of Bond at that age.""

Super Bond interviews

No, it's not a new super-powered direction for the franchise, but rather interviews that are super about Bond -- and, specifically, Quantum of Solace. They're from a German site, but don't worry, they're in English.

So, check out the latest utterances of...

Gemma Arterton as Agent FieldsGemma Arterton ('Agent Fields')
She's in bloody everything nowadays, y'know. "I’m glamorous but I don’t think I’m hot glamorous. There was this thing with my character where we wanted to make her really retro and a bit of a throwback. I can’t reveal her first name yet but it’s typically Fleming and quite cheeky and a little bit tongue in cheek."

Barbara BroccoliMichael G. WilsonBarbara Broccoli & Michael G. Wilson (producers)
"Bond is pursuing the people behind Vesper’s betrayal and her death. He is tracking them down and the mystery unfolds. He runs into CIA people later who are very ambivalent about their role in all of this." Americans are bad! Yay!

Marc ForsterMarc Forster (director)
"Judi Dench is one of the greatest actresses living today... personally I could watch her read the phone book... I wanted to give her more scenes and have her interact with Bond more because she is the only woman Bond doesn’t see in a sexual context... The relationship between them is fascinating and I think it’s really important so I wanted more scenes between them and to go into that relationship with more depth."

Quantum of Solace hits UK cinemas on October 31st and the US on November 14th (allow my to say, "ha ha!"). For a full list of release dates by country, look here.

A new trailer is due in the next couple of weeks.