Wednesday, 5 November 2008


3x06 Dying of the Light

Heroes Unmasked
3x06 Teenage Kicks

Little Dorrit
Part 3 (of 14)

7x03 The Tip-Off


Story by Robert McKee
Chapter 11


Interview with Quantum of Solace Star Daniel Craig by Thomas Leupp
(from ReelzChannel)
There have, obviously, been dozens of interviews with Craig and other QoS-related people of late -- and, with the US release still 9 days away, I seriously doubt we've seen the end of them -- but they always tend to contain one or two answers a little different from the rest. It's also interesting to see what fansites like make of them. Their headline for this article was Craig: Creativity And Talent Must Fuel Bond Franchise Future. There's nothing inherent in the actual interview that suggests this is Craig's primary point -- it's one answer among many, about halfway through -- but it must be a bit different to what he's commented on elsewhere for them to feel the need to pull it out.

Michael Crichton Dies Aged 66 by Chris Hewitt
(from Empire Online)
"the author of Jurassic Park has died at the age of 66. The enormously popular novelist, who also enjoyed success as a film director, passed away following what his family have called, “a courageous and private battle against cancer”. [Crichton] also created the enormously popular medical drama ER... adapted Robert Wise’s sci-fi thriller, The Andromeda Strain from his own novel, [and directed] Westworld, Coma and The Great Train Robbery... Many of his other novels were also filmed, including Disclosure, Sphere, Congo, and Timeline. In total, his novels sold over 150 million copies worldwide."

Pair of Sequels Planned for Road to Perdition by Scott Weinberg
(from Cinematical)
Road to Perdition is a great film based on a great book, but it's not something you'd necessarily expect sequels to. That said, the involvement of Max Allan Collins, who wrote the original graphic novel and has since penned a sequel, bodes a bit better. This won't form the basis for the sequel films, however, which instead seem to be based on two continuation novels (as in, words no piccies) that Collins wrote.

British currency, re-designed

Did you know they've redesigned all the coins in use in the UK? I didn't. I feel I should have. This is the first time British coinage has been redesigned since decimalisation almost 40 years ago!

They're a bit too modern-looking for my taste. I seriously doubt it'll be 40 years before they change again.