Saturday, 30 January 2010


Mock the Week
8x02 (28/1/10 edition)
Great bit on the undeservingness of Avatar (jump straight to it on iPlayer).
[Watch the whole episode (again) on iPlayer.]


Articles from the past few days that I'd forgotten to put up...

The 50 Worst Movies Ever by Helen O'Hara, Alastair Plumb & Phil de Semlyen
(from Empire)
Not necessarily the best list ever -- many are more disappointing than genuinely bad -- but lists are always fun. And number one is deserved.

Billy Connolly claims British comedy is 'too censored'
(from BBC News)
"If you swear in a book, you're some kind of clever guy, if you swear in a poem, oh how dangerous he is, you swear in a song - oh my God, what a groundbreaker! You swear as a comedian, and you're a vulgarian and foul mouthed. When did this happen? Who's doing the judging?"

Michael Landy: Perfecting the art of destruction
(from BBC News)
What an idiot.

Snoop Dogg wants Coronation St cameo by Sarah Rollo
(from Digital Spy)
Well... I... hm...

Stars lambast South Bank Show axe by Paul Millar
(from Digital Spy)
Billy Connolly told a journalist: "It really makes me awfully sad. Without arts programmes there's only reality TV and reality TV needs the arts to tell them what reality is."

Rob Brydon added jestfully: "Well done, ITV. I can't back Billy's leftist thoughts. Good riddance I say, let's get rid of our bastion of culture on ITV and let's just lie around in pig s**t."

What Joey from Friends did next by Neil Wilkes
(from Digital Spy)
Preview clip/trailer in which Matt LeBlanc plays Matt LeBlanc auditioning to play Matt LeBlanc in a show in which Matt LeBlanc is going to be in a sitcom. Confused? Don't worry, most of the gags are more familiar. Fingers crossed the actual series is good because it's a nice idea.