Sunday, 28 June 2009


Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire
1x04 O Biclops, Where Art Thou?
Kröd's gone a little off the boil this week (many would say it was never on it), but it still has its moments -- most of them thanks to Matt Lucas, as usual.
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Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow
1x04 Swansea [1st half]
For various reasons, I stopped almost dead on halfway through -- even though that was in the middle of someone's act. Still, very funny so far.
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That Mitchell and Webb Look
3x03 Episode 3
Vegetarian sketch = very, very good. James Bond sketch = genius. Rest = well above average for sketch shows.
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Top Gear
13x02 (28/6/09 edition)
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How good is the new Torchwood? Find out! by Ben Rawson-Jones
(from Digital Spy)
Well, "Find out!" if you trust DS's reviews, that is. I don't know if I do or not (though their opinion of Primeval season 3 was in my eyes wrong), but good reviews always bode well.


Just got this iPhone app, as recommended by the latest issue of What Hi-Fi?

Essentially, you play a song into it (by holding the iPhone's mic as close to the source as you can get) and it does some clever jiggerypokery and tells you what the song is, including a link to the iTunes Store. (It also does some other stuff with tagging your location and photos and whatnot, but the song identification is its primary function.) It's worked flawlessly for me so far, and What Hi-Fi? put it through a moderately rigorous test too.

This is a bit of software I've always wanted and I'm overjoyed to finally discover it exists. Hurrah!

new review at 100 Films

Alien3 (1992)
Even if in some ways 3 combines the first two — single Alien, claustrophobia, unarmed heroes; but there are lots of them, most with experience of killing — it adds enough variety, especially stylistically, to mark it out... it soon turns dark, dirty and decrepit, abandoning both the the military sheen of Aliens and the old tanker grime of Alien.

Read the full review at 100 Films.

Tonight, I'll post a review of Alien Resurrection.