Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Britain's Next Big Thing
Episode 2 (of 7)
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Yes Minister
Party Games [Christmas special; 2nd watch]
The final, double-length episode of Yes Minister, which sets up the sequel/continuation series Yes, Prime Minister. It's also one of the best episodes in my opinion, as ever exposing the ludicrous (but ever so plausible) political machinations of Whitehall while being just flat-out funny.


Misfits, Sherlock lead BAFTA nominations by Kate Goodacre
(from Digital Spy)
I love how headlines spin things. Misfits does lead, with four, but Sherlock has three -- the same as two other programmes.
Other interesting bits: Matt Smith is nominated for Doctor Who, apparently the first time ever one of the show's leads has been up for a BAFTA. Benedict Cumberbatch is similarly nominated for Sherlock, while Martin Freeman is up for Best Supporting Actor. The full list is here if you want a closer look.
To sum up, though: "The BBC achieves a total of 49 nominations across its four channels, with Channel 4, More 4 and E4 receiving a combined total of 25 nominations. ITV1 is recognised 8 times" -- says it all.