Monday, 7 July 2008


The Graham Norton Show
3x12 (3/7/08 edition) [season finale]

2x11 Powerless [season finale]
Everyone involved seems to think the 'Big Twist' at the end of Volume Two was a total shocker (based on what they had to say in Heroes Unmasked), but, really, that's just about the most predictable thing that can happen to someone giving a big tell-all speech. A bit of a rocky season, though nowhere near as poor as some claim; but let's hope they can still up the ante next year.

Heroes Unmasked
2x10 From Heroes to Villains [season finale]
See above.

Mine All Mine
Part 6 (of 6) [2nd watch]
Utterly, utterly barmy... and brilliant because of it! And oh-so very Welsh too. Such a shame it flopped.

2x13 Bar Fight
2x14 Leaving Las Vegas
2x15 One Hit Wonder

1x07 Ends [season finale]


Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller
Book One
As with Watchmen and Batman: Year One, one of the seminal late-'80s tales that helped shaped the way mainstream comics still are today.

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