Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Dragons' Den
8x09 Episode 9
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Even Hit Like Kick-Ass Can Seem Like Miss at Debut by Brooks Barnes
(from the New York Times)
Kick-Ass was considered a flop after its US opening weekend (which, incidentally, was nonetheless at #1), but it went on to make 3½ times its budget at the worldwide box office and is now storming away on DVD and Blu-ray too -- which means a sequel will be coming (hooray!) This discrepancy (between opening weekend & total gross) is the point of the article: you can't (and shouldn't, though many do) judge a film by its opening weekend alone. See also: How to Train Your Dragon (labelled a flop, earned $479 million, sequel in the works), Date Night (labelled a flop, earned $152 million), and more.