Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Generation Kill
Part 7 Bomb in the Garden [final episode]
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Have I Got News For You
38x05 (13/11/09 edition; uncut repeat).
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It's Only a Theory
1x07 Episode 7
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Never Mind the Buzzcocks
23x07 (11/11/09 edition)
Yes, last week's, with Tim Minchin -- yay! Not nearly enough of him though. And as I think I've 'reviewed' every guest host this series, let me say that Mark Watson was definitely an above-average one, which is super.
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Wallander [Swedish]
1x02 Byfånen (aka The Village Idiot)

new review at 100 Films

Wallander: Before the Frost (2005)
Kurt is something of a guest star in the first episode of his own series, but we still see enough of Henriksson to get a feel for his Wallander. Where Branagh is soul-searching, constantly staring silently into the distance, occasionally with a few tears for company, Henriksson is just a guy trying to do his job; struggling to be a good dad and maybe struggling with his health, but still a regular guy. Maybe the introspection and crying come later.

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