Friday, 25 December 2009


Doctor Who [new]
4x17 The End of Time Part One [Christmas special]
Well, that was a little disappointing. For every moment of brilliance -- the Doctor/Wilf scene in the cafe, the Master in numerous humourous outfits at the climax -- there were several of utterly fan-centric public-excluding science-fiction/fantasy-overloaded groaningness -- the Master's technobabble-stuffed resurrection, the unusually slow pace, the po-faced narration.
It was an episode of two halves, then... just two halves that occurred concurrently, flicking back and forth between the two. Fingers crossed Part Two can pull off a better goodbye for the Tenth Doctor.
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Gavin & Stacey
3x05 Episode 5
Here's a new way to create a Christmas special: just show an ordinary episode of the series. It's a very good one mind.
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Live at the Apollo
5x05 (24/12/09 edition)
Gina Yashere's been living and working in the States... and you can tell. It's her pacing, repetition, the way she addresses the audiences -- stylistically it feels slightly more American stand-up than British stand-up. At least she was quite funny, though I preferred Ed Byrne's and Adam Hills' routines.
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7x04 Geography (extended repeat)
Why have they suddenly reintroduced QI XL halfway through this series? Not that I'm complaining really, but it is a tad odd. Though, once again, they're not bothering to put it on iPlayer. Sometimes the BBC really let themselves down.
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Strictly Come Dancing
Christmas Special 2009
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TV REVIEW Doctor Who "The End Of Time" Part One by Dave Golder
(from SFX)
Like most reviews around the web this afternoon, it's packed with praise... though does note some of the flaws, if not all the ones I regarded as such.