Friday, 24 April 2009


2x04 The Big Crunch Part 1
Ah, Evil Christians -- a brilliant episode! Can't wait 'til Fitz gets his hands on them, it should be priceless.
[Watch it (again) on ITV Player.]


The Finished/Theatrical Version Of Wolverine Has Been Seen!! Just How Different Is It From That Workprint?? by Merrick
(from Ain't It Cool News)
Answer: it's exactly the same (apart from effects and sound fixes), apparently. Oops.

For him by Andrew Collins
(from Never Knowingly Underwhelmed)
A hilarious perspective on Crank 2. One of my favourite reviews ever.

Robert Rodriguez's Predators officially confirmed today! by Quint
(from Ain't It Cool News)
And just after I watched them all too!

Poem of the Week: Gateway to the Atlantic

by Roger McGough

While I was generally quite down on Slapstick when I covered it yesterday, it still has a decent number of worthwhile poems. Here's one of my early favourites because of its nice rhyme and rhythm, as well as a fairly clear topic and theme.

I am the warm hello and the sad farewell

I am the path to glory and the road to hell

I am the gull on the wing and the salt in the air

I am the night patrol and the morning prayer

I am the port register, read the names with pride

I am the thickening fog and the quickening tide

I am the ferryboat, the slaver, the man-o'-war

I am the keeper of the quays, welcome ashore

I am the starstruck, eternal romantic

I am the gateway to the Atlantic.

As mentioned above, Gateway to the Atlantic is taken from Slapstick (aka Slapstick Poems), McGough's 2008 collection published by Puffin.