Thursday, 15 January 2009


The Sandbaggers
2x04 A Question of Loyalty
Still brilliant! Burnside continues to dig a deeper and deeper hole for himself, it seems. Where will he wind up?


Doctor Who: The Keys of Marinus - DVD by Steve Roberts
(from the Doctor Who Restoration Team Website)
A slew of new articles on the RT's site at the minute (there's lots of Who DVDs out this year, and most have already been announced), but this one is especially interesting -- they've discovered 17 seconds of material missing from the story, which haven't been seen since the original broadcast 45 years ago! The images are still missing unfortunately, but the soundtrack has been reinstated for the DVD release.
While we're at it, the new article about The War Games also has some interesting info about archiving. (It's more interesting than that sounds!)

Two Bafta nods for Kate Winslet
(from BBC News)
But she won't be repeating her Golden Globe double whammy -- she's nominated for the same two films, but this time both in the Best Actress category.
Among the rest of the nods: "Slumdog Millionaire has 11 nominations in total, as does Benjamin Button. Batman blockbuster The Dark Knight follows with nine nominations, while Changeling, directed by Clint Eastwood, is up for eight awards. Frost/Nixon has received six nominations in all, while The Reader has five."
Read the full list here. Most are more or less as expected, though I'm very disappointed to not see a Best Actor -- or at least Best Supporting Actor, even -- nomination for Michael Sheen.