Friday, 9 April 2010


Ashes to Ashes
3x01 Episode 1
And so, the final series of Life On Mars/Ashes to Ashes begins (yes, a week late for me). Plenty of questions still unanswered, plenty of new ones in this episode. It should be an exciting couple of months...
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Doctor Who
22x05 The Mark of the Rani Part One
22x06 The Mark of the Rani Part Two
I'm fairly certain that this is the first (proper) classic Who story I've watched that I'd never seen before since City of Death way back in June 2008. I ought to do this more.
You may also have guessed this was for Insomniac Whovian (it now has it's own real site/blog!) on twitter. Follow @I_Whovian and me for more such antics, and take a look-see at #MarkOfTheRani for comments on this story.
[Watch The Mark of the Rani (again) on msn video player or SeeSaw.]

3x01 Programme 1
Outnumbered impressively retains its brilliance even as the kids age and it heads into a third run, thoroughly disproving the notion that if you want to make a good comedy series you can only do two rounds. Karen may just be the greatest TV character created ever. Though the Doctor (see above) and Gene Hunt (see above above) would run her close. Good day, good day.
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Boyle blasted for Down's Syndrome gags by Alex Fletcher
(from Digital Spy)
What this women's basically saying is, "I find Frankie Boyle's dark and un-PC humour really funny... until he makes nasty jokes about a condition I actually know about and then he's evil."

Jonathan Ross: Can I be honest with you? by Decca Aitkenhead
Absolutely fantastic interview with Jonathan Ross, ostensibly about his new comic -- and there is indeed some nice stuff in there about Turf and his general thoughts on comics -- but the interview ranges wider, to his attitude towards life, the press and certain controversial matters in his past. Well-written and insightful, this is actually an excellent example of how to do an interview-piece, and probably deserves to be read by everyone, whatever your opinion of the interviewee.