Thursday, 11 November 2010


3x13 Best of Argumental [series finale]
These end-of-season compilations feel so pointless when they're literally just a "best of" -- add unseen bits and outtakes, please.

Due South
1x10 A Cop, a Mountie, and a Baby [2nd watch]
[Watch it (again) on iPlayer.]

Mock the Week
9x11 (7/10/10 edition)
It's a bit odd watching something topical like Mock the Week a month or two after broadcast. When you catch them a year (or more, or much more) later on Dave, it's just very old news; but like this, it just feels a tad out of date. This episode especially, I suppose, because it covers the Chilean miners when they were still very much stuck down the mine.

8x08 Hypothetical
Annoyingly, I completely missed episode seven because BBC Two decided to stop showing the extended versions for no apparent reason, and I didn't realise soon enough to catch the (inexplicably, not series-linked) regular episode. Grr.
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The Sarah Jane Adventures
4x07 The Empty Planet Part One
4x08 The Empty Planet Part Two
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