Sunday, 31 October 2010


1x02 Missing, Presumed Dead
Having spent episode one introducing us to a collection of characters and how they landed themselves in Colditz -- without a single scene at the titular prison -- episode two now jumps back to England to start again with a new chap. It certainly seems an unusual way to structure a series. And the number of scenes set in Colditz this episode? None, again.

Downton Abbey
1x06 Episode Six
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Dragons' Den
What Happened Next 5 Theo Paphitis [season finale]

Due South
1x04 Manhunt [2nd watch]
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12x02 Hallowe'en Party
ITV chose to air this on Wednesday. Much more appropriate today, I feel.
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Johnny Cash comic hits iPhone, iPad by Mark Langshaw
(from Digital Spy)
the App scans the user's device for music by the late country and Western star to accompany each scene.
Ooh, that's clever then.