Monday, 8 February 2010


7x15 10:00PM - 11:00PM

Mock the Week
8x03 (4/2/10 edition)
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Survivors [2008]
2x03 Episode 3
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Tinga Tinga Tales
1x01 Why Elephant Has a Trunk
Kids get all the best telly. Well, the most fun. And though it may be young-child-orientated (it's on CBeebies, not even CBBC), the commitment to African art and animation plus traditional stories is both commendable and entertaining.
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Sky responds to Pacific airing criticisms by Simon Reynolds
(from Digital Spy)
Yep, Sky are as good at spinning out a load of BS same as everything else Murdoch owns. Do they think people are going to sign up to watch it? Or do they just not care? Or, most likely, whoever owns the DVD/Blu-ray rights is over the moon it'll be shown on a minority channel -- more sales to those of us who want to see it. Assuming we don't just all pirate it, of course.