Thursday, 8 January 2009


The Diary of Anne Frank
Part 4 (of 5)
Who knew Anne was so sexed-up? (Well, anyone who read the uncut version of the book, I suppose. But still!)
[Watch it (again) on iPlayer.]

The Sandbaggers
2x01 At All Costs
Hurrah for more Sandbaggers! (The fact that this was broadcast 28 years ago this month does not stop me hurrahing watching it.) Still excellent -- why is this not remembered as one of The Best Shows Ever? I only heard about it last year, by fluke, and it's not like that was as part of some "oh, look at this!" big revival thing -- which, incidentally, it deserves.


Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale by Russell T Davies & Benjamin Cook
Chapters Ten - Eleven


British talent up for Bafta prize
(from BBC News)
"Three British actors have made the shortlist for Bafta's Rising Star award recognising emerging talent. Noel Clarke [yes, Mickey from Doctor Who!] and Rebecca Hall, who is starring in Woody Allen's Vicky Christina Barcelona [sic], are nominated. Film actor Toby Kebbell is also in the running, along with Irish actor Michael Fassbender and Canadian Michael Cera."
As writer, director and star of the immensely (and surprisingly) successful Adulthood, it seems only fitting that Noel Clarke should walk away with it. Failing that, vote for Rebecca Hall, who is also excellent. Or Michael Fassbender, because he is too.
Anyway, place your vote here. The rest of the BAFTA Film Awards nominations are announced next Thursday.

Doctor Who: Dalek War - DVD Boxset by Steve Roberts
(from the Doctor Who Restoration Team Website)
"it's only fair that this article devotes the majority of its space to discussion of the fascinating story behind the episode's return to full colour." Quite technical, but also fascinating.
Just one of many exciting Classic Who DVDs out this year. For more, look here.

More Recognition For The Dark Knight
(from WENN)
I mention this primarily because, based on various sets of nominations for various gongs, it looks like these five films are emerging as the frontrunners in this year's round of awards ceremonies. That doesn't guarantee Oscar noms, of course, but it all helps.

Warner Bros. Asks For Quick Decision Of Watchmen
(from Studio Briefing)
This is dragging on much longer than I -- indeed, I think, anyone -- expected. Bloody Fox, always have to ruin everything.