Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Britain's Next Big Thing
Episode 4 (of 7)
Having Theo Paphitis as on-screen presenter (but not even narrator) on the first three episodes of this felt pointless, but now it's moved from wannabes pitching their product to the actual business of getting them on to shop shelves, he seems to have more to do. So that's nice.
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Family Guy: Groundbreaking Gags
BBC-produced talking-heads documentary about Family Guy's extraordinarily outrageous humour -- and there's certainly plenty of it to talk about. If you've never watched the show, this is probably a good primer for why you may well not like it.
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Have I Got News For You
41x04 (6/5/11 edition; extended repeat)
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$#*! My Dad Says
1x09 Make a WISiH
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Character to release winning Blue Peter TARDIS console by Chuck Foster
(from Doctor Who News Page)
Remember in 2009 Blue Peter launched a competition for a viewer to design a TARDIS console to feature in an episode of Doctor Who? If I recall, it was widely believed by fans to be intended for episode 11, The Lodger... which it didn't turn up in. Now it's turned up in the new series, in the Neil Gaiman's episode The Doctor's Wife -- which was originally scheduled to be episode 11 of the last series. Wow. Anyway, said viewer design is (as I've said) finally making it on to TV... and making it into toy form too, as Who toy manufacturer Character are going to be making it into a playset! Lucky winner...