Saturday, 20 September 2008


1x01 The Dragon's Call
Not to be confused with the excellent Sam Neill-starring miniseries from 1998 (my God, has it really been so long?!), this is the BBC's revamped 'Young Merlin' series. Perhaps it should've been called Camelot? (Actually, that's just a flat-out bad suggestion. Why can't it be set in some distinctively-named hometown of the young Merlin, hm?) Anyhow, it was pretty good. Shows promise.

The Riches
2x01 The Last Temptation of Wayne
Ah The Riches -- still as utterly barmy as ever, trying to recover from the utterly loopy finale of the first season. I swear the writers must make this up as they go along, just writing and writing and writing until they reach the page count for an episode, then ending it and going right on to the next. Still, it's more or less cancelled (its status is still officially up in the air, but it's been a long time since season two aired in America) so there's only six more episodes of story to go. I bet it ends on a cliffhanger though... (Also, for anyone who clicks on my episode name links -- look how much's changed! Weird...)


Alasdair Dewar - Part 2
See me mention part one here.

Silent Shakespeare by Nicci Gerrard
(from the Silent Shakespeare DVD booklet)