Monday, 6 September 2010


How I Met Your Mother
5x15 Rabbit or Duck
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My Funniest Year: 2000
Quite funny. Bit long.
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Episode 2 Jonathan Ross

Ah, CarPool. I've been meaning to try this out for a while because it looked an interesting idea, and today I finally did by accident. The concept, for those who've missed it, is that Robert Llewellyn (aka Kryten off Red Dwarf) drives someone somewhere and chats to them.

It's like a chat show with a twist, essentially. And only one guest. It's been running on the web for quite a while now (since January '09) and amassed quite a few episodes (74, to be precise), and there's soon to be a TV version on Dave (of course). This is one of the earliest ones (well, as you can see) and also one of the shortest. I have no idea if it's exemplary of the whole series or not.

Also, if you're interested, the video announcing the TV series is a kind of "best bits" + reminder of what it's all about, and that kind of thing. Lovely. Plus, a camera test/interview with the producer of the TV version with some more details. Oh, and they get pulled over by Anti-Terrorism Police.

Got that covered, then.


CLiNT #1

And lo, the new great hope for comics in the UK has launched. So after the middling reaction it's received in some quarters (that one review is representative of several I've seen), what's issue one actually like?

Well, that depends on one of two things: your age; or your ability to connect with your inner schoolboy. Features on "Hot TV Mums" and interviews with questions like "Would you fuck your dad to save your mum?" are not for the intellectually developed. I'm sure they must be pleasing to a certain demographic though; namely, the teenage/underdeveloped-twentysomething CLiNT has to convince to buy it for decent sales figures and 'mainstream' acceptance. That said, I found the Jimmy Carr interview interesting (it wasn't the one with the above-cited question).

Alternatively, you can just ignore the features and stick to the comics. For your £3.99 you get two full-length (as in US-full-length, i.e. 20-something pages) comics, which is already cheaper than you'd pay to buy them regularly, plus there's moderately decent amounts of three others. It's a disappointment that Kick-Ass 2 is a bite-sized opening snippet rather than a proper full-length edition. I don't know if this will change in future, but I hope so -- I want it in real chunks, not drip-fed in quarter-issue size. And, of course, the more full-length comics there are the better value for money.

What of the strips themselves? The two full-length strips are Jonathan Ross' Turf, which has been widely praised and rightly so, even if it is a bit text-heavy, and Mark Millar's Nemesis (soon to be a major motion picture from Tony Scott), which I haven't read yet but looks to have potential.

Of the shorter strips, I've already noted my disappointment at Kick-Ass 2's brevity (though the actual content is decent enough); Huw Edwards Presents Space Oddities is a 'wittily' named 3-or-4-page anthology series so will vary from issue to issue, but this example is quite good (I have no idea what, if any, involvement Huw Edwards actually has in this); and Frankie Boyle's Rex Royd is much better than the universally negative reviews led me to believe -- not perfect, but an interesting start. I enjoyed it anyway.

So that's CLiNT, issue 1. Certainly not perfect, but certainly aimed at a different demographic (both age-wise and experience-of-comics-wise) than most who've reviewed it. Will it be a success with the intended audience? No idea. But it does show promise, and if it's a success it might lead someone else -- or several someones -- to launch similarly comics-centric mainstream title(s) with a more adult/intelligent bent. And that would definitely be good news.


Sonic Screwdriver [Wii] Controller coming by Marcus
(from Doctor Who News Page)
I'm gonna get a Wii. Then this. Then use it to play GoldenEye. I'm sure you don't need me to explain why that's awesome.

Tesco goes to Trolleywood by Patrick Barkham
With the first direct-to-DVD-exclusive-to-Tesco movie out today (the first of many, they plan), I wound up stumbling across this article (from last month) which goes behind the scenes on said film, as well as hinting more broadly at the supermarket's plans. Quite interesting, even if the film -- a Jackie Collins adaptation -- holds very little interest in itself.