Monday, 27 July 2009


Crip on a Trip
This is one of those Channel 4 documentaries that has a mildly offensive/outrageous title but hides a programme with some genuine worth and serious thought. Not normally the kind of thing I bother with, to be honest, but I happened to see the start of a repeat on and became engrossed.
[Watch it (again) on or 4oD.]

Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars Trailer
The San Diego Comic-Con trailer, as mentioned in the panel reports. Looks fantastic.


Dorian Gray Trailer
Trailer for the forthcoming film adaptation starring Ben Barnes, Colin Firth, and others (obviously, but I mean some notable others). The link above goes to an Empire article that provides a teeny bit of analysis and links on to the trailer at a different site.


Doctor Who And The End Of Time: Tennant's Last Moments by Charlie Jane Anders
(from io9)
Firstly, The Waters of Mars: yes, yes, yes! After setting up the concept of "some things must not be changed" to explain why the Doctor didn't just save everyone in The Fires of Pompeii, doing the same in a future-set episode is officially the new Best Idea Ever. Well done Russell & co for thinking of it -- it seems so obvious, yet I bet didn't occur to most people.
Anyway, this report includes more details on the trailers shown, and a few more bits of info on the Who panel... but hardly anything more than the weak article I found yesterday, so I'm led to assume there was really nothing to report. Ho hum.

Oh wait, what's this? A more thorough report. Yes indeed...

Live: Doctor Who panel at Comic-Con by Neil Wilkes
(from Digital Spy)
Ah, right, nothing else news-y. Fans may wish to wade through the writer's irritating lack of Who knowledge (despite the fact he thinks he knows a lot, clearly) for the info present. Only news on Torchwood 4 is that it's not confirmed but is likely, etc etc.

Talking of Torchwood, what's this?

Live: Torchwood panel at Comic-Con by Neil Wilkes
(from Digital Spy)
Thanks to a series recently airing, there's a bit more to this panel than the Who one, though still little in the way of news. Probably the best bit: "RTD says he is "still reeling" from the success of [Children of Earth] and says no-one at the BBC saw it coming." Super.
Actually, even better: "Girl claims that RTD has "hurt" a lot of internet fans and accuses him of being "out of line" with killing Ianto. "I'm immensely sorry if people are sad, but I'm not changing my mind. I've got to be blunt about this, there have been campaigns to send packets of coffee to BBC Wales in protest. There have been nine packets sent. I'm not taking the mickey, but that's a very small number."" You tell 'em Russell!

Also from the Con...

Are You Ready For The Avatar Backlash? by Charlie Jane Anders
(from io9)
Remember what I said about Avatar not sounding that great? Well...

And on a final, related (not to Avatar, to Torchwood) note...

Torchwood Children Of Earth Soundtrack review by Cameron K McEwan
(from Den of Geek!)
I've not changed my opinion that Den of Geek is rubbish (because it is), but this review is worth reading purely for this comment:
The Ballad Of Ianto Jones [is] one of the album's highlights. Though ‘highlights' does not quite do it service or meaning. It's more of a ‘low'light in tone and emotion. Not a tune for those emotionally unstable 'fans' that can't handle drama.

Nice dig! I approve.