Monday, 15 March 2010


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6x12 Remorse


Film 4 HD, E4 HD coming to Virgin Media
ITV1 HD to launch in April
by Andrew Laughlin (from Digital Spy)

Virgin Media director of digital entertainment Cindy Rose [said] "we're... making HD available to all of our customers for no extra fee."

If that's true, it means Virgin will soon be making some changes to the way they offer HD -- currently it's only available with a V+ HD box, which costs an extra £5 per month on most packages. More likely, I suspect, she's talking rubbish and the current system will continue.

So long as Virgin stick to their thus-far method of offering HD (if you get the SD channel you get the HD channel) and don't switch to making HD channels higher-package-only (a constant threat, I feel, as they always refer to their most-expensive XL package when discussing new HD channels), then I won't complain.