Saturday, 1 November 2008


Have I Got News For You
36x03 (31/10/08 edition; extended repeat)
Even more Bakery madness and jokes about this week's news.

3x05 Angels and Monsters

1x07 The Gates of Avalon
All dialogue © The Great Big Book of Clich├ęd Fantasy Dialogue.

The National Lottery: Who Dares Wins
2x08 (1/11/08 edition) [season finale]


Mamma Mia! breaks UK film record
(from BBC News)
I'm not convinced by the stats in this story. Why are Harry Potter films included and Bond films not? Both are funded by US studios as much / more so than anything British. If Bond was included, Casino Royale would place 3rd on that chart.

Michael G. Wilson: Bond 23 Work To Begin Early Next Year by Matt Weston
The new one's barely out, but it's time to talk about the next! "Last time when we were in post production on Casino Royale we were already working on Quantum of Solace. This time we haven’t started, but in January we are going to get some writers together and start kicking some ideas around."

Nolan dismisses Superman crossover by Simon Reynolds
(from Digital Spy)
Thank goodness! That's not to stop DC doing it anyway, of course.

Quantum of Solace Sets Box Office Record In UK by Devin Zydel
"Quantum of Solace got off to a momentous start in the UK yesterday with a stuning $8 million (£4.94 million) debut -- the biggest Friday opening of all time in the UK. In comparison, the previous record holder was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which had a $6.5 million (£4 million) opening. Along with Thursday previews, Casino Royale managed $4.7 in its opening day." It's like The Dark Knight all over again... only on a much smaller scale...

Roger's little rule book by Roger Ebert
(from Roger Ebert's Journal at the Chicago Sun-Times)
Wise words and sage advice (there's not one in there about cliches) from one of the world's most respected film critics.

S. Darko actor defends movie by Michael Thornton
(from Digital Spy)
"Jackson Rathbone said that the [Donnie Darko] sequel, which is released next year, "goes beyond" the idea of the original film, insisting that it should not be simply dismissed as a cash-in." We'll see, eh? "S. Darko is set seven years after the original film and tells the story of Donnie's little sister Samantha and her friend Corey, who experience bizarre visions on a road trip to Los Angeles."

Wahlberg's Daughter Loves Seeing Him In Pain
(from WENN)
Funny story.