Saturday, 7 March 2009


2x03 I Knew Your Pig
Flashbacks too! Yay! Still not hitting season one's heights, but it's early days yet. Incidentally, for those who haven't noticed, the episode titles are always drawn from a line of dialogue within the episode. They do like to pick odd and obscure ones, it seems.
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Let's Dance for Comic Relief
Episode 3 (of 4)
Dances not as funny as the previous two weeks, sadly, but some surprisingly good. Next time, the final! Still want Robert Webb to win.
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The Ode Less Travelled by Stephen Fry
Chapter One: II (p.33-54)
Still not getting through it fast enough, considering when my self-reflexive essay is due on my poetry module. At the same time, struggling to do any worthwhile work from it (not the fault of the book, I hasten to add). Still, my failure might give me something to write about in that essay.

Articles: Watchmen

Once again, they're all about one film...

6 Really Bad Watchmen Sequel Ideas by James White
(from Total Film)
Deliberately humourous (hence the "really bad"), but not all that funny (hence the "really bad"?) Contains major spoilers right from the start.

Watchmen cupcakes
(from Cupcakes Take the Cake)
Aww! I want.

What if Woody Allen Had Directed Watchmen? by Dan Kois & Ashley Quigg
(from Slate)
Also imagines it as done by Judd Apatow, Tyler Perry, Sofia Coppola, Pedro Almodovar and Quentin Tarantino. With the exception of the Tarantino bit, which presents a slightly sideways look at things and therefore is quite clever, this is like Total Film's article: not as funny as you'd hope.

Watchmen 2: a couple of suggestions

Recently posted at 100 Films...

After finding Total Film's humourous suggestions for a Watchmen sequel a little lacking in the funniness department, I thought I'd jot down a few myself. It doesn't mean they're actually any better, obviously, but it kept me amused for a few minutes.

Betcha can't spot all the references...

The Watchmen Strike Back
In which the Watchmen form a rebel alliance to fight crime and try to repeal the Keene Act! Sounds depressingly plausible...

Head here to read the full piece and all 12 suggestions.