Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The end of Big Brother?

Has BB9 turned into heaven or hell? by Liam Allen
(from BBC News)
Could this really be the beginning of the end -- or even just the end -- of Big Brother in the UK? We can but hope...

Days in New York...


For a full explanation, please see the start of the countdown.


BBC News: Doctor Who Proms Special
Interview with Russell T Davies (available online at the above link) after this year's Doctor Who Prom.

Mad Men
1x10 The Long Weekend
1x11 Indian Summer
On Blu-ray! Mmm, HD...

Doctor Who theme tune by Nigel Kennedy - BBC Proms 2008
Ow. I've included the link, but, for your own aural safety, don't click it.


Warner's Launches Anti-Piracy Campaign For Dark Knight
(from Studio Briefing)
Very interesting (and very brief) news piece on the special anti-piracy measures enforced for The Dark Knight (which is still smashing every box office record known to man, incidentally). Also check out the article about Leno's final show directly beneath it -- the change in the cost of advertising is quite staggering.


A new search engine, founded by several people who used to work for Google, that claims to search more pages more intelligently than any other search engine. Whether it'll take off remains to be seen -- it's certainly different to other search engines you're likely to have used, which can definitely be off-putting, but such change hasn't stopped many adopting Firefox or Safari over Internet Explorer. For more info, try this article at BBC News or Cuil's own info pages. (It's pronounced "cool", by-the-way.)