Thursday, 6 August 2009


Desperate Romantics
Part 2 (of 6)
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The Kevin Bishop Show
2x01 Episode 1
I decided to give this ago because, a) I'd heard good things, and b) it also features Karen Gillan, the new Doctor Who companion. It's a sketch show, which these days is short hand for "at least some of it is entirely unfunny and goes on far too long", but overall it's relatively fast with some well-observed sketches (Gritty BAFTA is excellent) -- though it occasionally can't avoid the well-mined easy targets (when Top Gear itself has made jokes about how they're always on Dave it's a bit late to still be trying it on a sketch show).
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The Mentalist
1x20 Red Sauce
A rather ludicrous episode... but then this is The Mentalist, so that makes it one of the best episodes. The show's really seen a return to form as the series heads towards its climax (only three more episodes to go).
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You Have Been Watching
1x05 (4/8/09 edition)
As beautifully cutting as ever, especially about the dreadful Casualty season finale that I happened to mention the other day. Iron Chef America looks like pure genius though.
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Mad Men: So Wrong It's Right by Helen O'Hara
(from the Empire Blog)
A nice piece on what makes Mad Men so brilliant (beyond the surface niceties of "good writing, good acting", etc).

The Top 10 Ridiculous Movie Face-Off Titles by Kim Newman
(from Empire)
Make sure to read the "Kim Newman explains his choices..." sidebar too. I always miss those bits.