Monday, 4 October 2010


9x02 Episode 2
I actually laughed out loud at this episode a couple of times. The plot itself was fine, more-or-less, but the abundance of implausible scenes (the Nigerian bloke just confronts Lucas in the street and demands he hands over the poison? And Lucas isn't all "actually, I'm an agent of the secret service, so how about I just hold onto these and report you for attempted murder" etc? Or the ending, where the Nigerian blokey describes the target as "a white man, long black coat, carrying a bag" -- oh, yes, cos they're so rare at expensive golf clubs! The assassin will definitely get the right man) and horribly clich├ęd dialogue (I was saying lines out loud before the characters could) was, literally, laughable. Must try harder, Spooks.
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1x01 Episode 1
This, on the other hand, I enjoyed very much. Most amusing. Jolly good show. Etc. But why can't programmes have episode titles these days? I miss episode titles.
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Affleck 'was Nolan's choice for Superman' by Simon Reynolds
(from Digital Spy)
Ben Affleck as Superman? Really?
No. Nolan wanted him to direct. Yup, really.

Zack Snyder Will Direct Superman by Russ Fischer
(from /Film)
And here's the just-revealed actual choice, apparently. Not who I'd've expected -- he actually has a track record for this kind of film, whereas studios tend to choose initially-surprising directors for their big comic book films (look at the pre-superhero-movie careers of, say, Tim Burton, Bryan Singer, Sam Raimi and Chris Nolan).