Sunday, 16 August 2009


Jam & Jerusalem
3x02 Dinner Party / Missing Persons
A much better episode, though this time it was even more distinctly two Sellotaped together. Unfortunately this almost served to rob the first half of its surprising power, not allowing time for it to be digested before racing on to the next. Fortunately, the second half was a belter, so all was (almost) forgiven. Indeed, as a pair, they certainly make up for the weaker first part.
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Wildest Dreams
Part 3 (of 7)
"There can be only one," Nick Knowles says at one point this episode (well, almost -- what he said was near-identical and you can hear he was stopping himself), inadvertently nicking the catchphrase from something entirely different. I bet he wishes they were having deciders with swords though.
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