Thursday, 5 March 2009


Friday Night With Jonathan Ross
16x06 (27/2/09 edition)
Clive Owen: cool, if stand-offish.
Emily Blunt: loved by men, hated by women (so I'm told).
David Attenborough: knight of the realm.
U2: bland.
[Watch it (again) on iPlayer.]

Articles: Watchmen

Because they're all about a little forthcoming (well, arrived now, I suppose!) film again...

100ft Dr. Manhattan and the Comedians Badge arrive in London - Amazing Water Projection
(from Live For Films)
As mentioned yesterday, now with pictures and video. It's... well...

Review of Watchmen by Roger Ebert
Yep, yet another review. But this is from Roger Ebert, one of the world's most respected film critics, so it's worth paying attention to. And he loves it!

Review of Watchmen by Dave Foster
(from DVD Times)
Another good review. Super. Only 11 hours 'til it finally opens in my area (damn those at midnight screenings as I post this!)

Snyder Rules Out Watchmen Sequel
(from WENN)
But the cast are contractually obligated... Hopefully it's a standard blockbuster contract, not a statement of intent.


Spent most of today battling to fix my iMac (late 2006 model, according to Apple's help pages).

It seems to be well & truly screwed though -- something wrong with the hard disk, basically amounting to the computer not being able to find it. Could mean it's just come unplugged (lord knows how), could be thoroughly done for.

Hopefully, at the very least, some or all of the data can be retrieved from it though, because there's so much stuff on there -- including all my notes for future 100 Films reviews and, more importantly, a heck of a lot of work-related things.

Nothing more I can do, it seems. A trip to the local Genius Bar will be required -- I'm just thankfully that, firstly, so many Apple Stores have popped up across the UK now, and secondly, that I live in Exeter, where we have one! Not sure when I'll go though, as I'm not sacrificing Watchmen time tomorrow and I hate town on Saturdays.

Sunday then...