Friday, 14 November 2008


Children in Need 2008
Hurray! I love Children in Need. Even when it's below-par (and, let's face it, it's well past its best -- it's mostly music these days, with no natty 3D or Smell-o-Vision gimmicks and very few original sketches or whatnot) it's still entertaining, still has its moments, and, of course, it's all for a good cause. Plus anything with this much Terry Wogan has to be good. But this year was better than most -- highlights being Doctor Who and Top Gear/Ashes to Ashes -- so that was super.
[Watch it (again) in hour-long chunks on iPlayer.]

6x01 Families [Children in Need special]
For those who don't know, each series of QI has an alphabetical theme -- i.e. series one was "A", series two "B", and so on -- making series six "F". So in that sense, this is at the end of series six; of course, being filmed more recently, it could be called 7x01. Rubbish, says I. Not that it matters, or anyone cares. Anyway -- it's all the better for having added Terry Wogan, who was (of course) brilliant. I love QI -- there's a Christmas special on the way, followed by series "G" in 2009.
[Watch it (again) on iPlayer.]
Edit: Oh, the confusion! I blame Anyway, this is 6x01, not 6x11, because the (first?) 2009 series if "F".


Fargo (1996)
[2nd watch]
I hadn't been intending to re-watch Fargo, but we watched about half of it (mostly from the first half, but also a few scenes toward the end) in my screenwriting module, analysing a certain aspect of screenwriting theory and how it appears in every scene. Unfortunately I don't have my DVD of the film with me to watch the rest.

Poem of the Day: The Pencil Case

by coolositymax

I never said all the stuff posted in this strand had to be 'professional' or 'published' or anything (I have no rules, remember) -- I may even post stuff by me at some point -- so here's a favourite of mine from the World Wide Web. I've always liked its simplicity and humour -- making it an especially good choice for a Friday, I think -- which works because of the rhyme and rhythm. Poetry doesn't have to be Deep, Complex and Meaningful to be good.

Pen, Pencil, Ruler,
Scissors, Paper, Glue.
Crayons, Staples, Eraser,
Pencil Shavings Too.

This poem is available online at deviantART. If you're a member, please comment (and fav, if you wish) there.

Unlike the rest of the blog, Poem of the Day will be taking breaks at weekends, so see you on Monday.