Monday, 6 July 2009


Loose Women
6/7/09 edition
Featuring John Barrowman, who's always a riot.

3x01 Children of Earth: Day One
The new series of Torchwood gets off to a flying start -- a proper semi-political thriller, packed with all the requisite mystery and twists (and genuine ones at that!), but not losing any of the show's usual humour, character or quirkiness.
It also impressed in seeming to contain more plot and action than your average Torchwood episode, despite being the first not to tell a self-contained story. This may be the skill of having Russell T Davies back in the writer's chair -- imbuing more pace and interest into 59-minutes that tell just one fifth of a story than most writers can achieve telling a whole tale in 45 minutes. That's without mentioning how multi-faceted it was, managing to throw in horror and sci-fi plot points right beside domestic relationships, sweet character moments and broad comedy.
This is what Torchwood has been aiming to be all along, and it was fantastic. Let's just hope the rest of the story can live up to the opener...
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Moving update

Due to technical issues relating to my move (see previous few days for related posts), updates to this blog will not appear with their regular efficiency for the next week. Rest assured that updates will continue daily (though delayed) and normal service will resume shortly.